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Tinymovr R5.x Motor Bracket

Tinymovr R5.x Motor Bracket

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Lightweight and versatile bracket compatible with multiple motor hole patterns (∅19mm, ∅25mm, ∅30mm). The bracket is designed to fit the Tinymovr R5 series perfectly and provide cooling contacts for the MOSFETs and driver/MCU.

The bracket is made of 6061 aluminum and is clear anodized. 

In the box

  • Motor Bracket, compatible with Tinymovr R5, R5.1 and R5.2
  • Set of screws for the motor (M3 countersunk, 4x) and Tinymovr R5.x (M2.5, 4x)

3D Models (STEP and STL) (Servo kit)

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