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MA330 Magnetic Angle Sensor Breakout R2

MA330 Magnetic Angle Sensor Breakout R2

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Breakout board for the MA330 magnetic absolute angle sensor. A magnetic angle sensor senses the angle of the IC in relation to a diametrically magnetized magnet (included). Useful wherever contactless, accurate, and reliable angle measurements are desired. Application examples: Rotary knobs, BLDC/PMSM motors etc.

The MA330 sensor supports variable filter constants, providing a tradeoff of angular resolution vs. sensor responsiveness.

The breakout supports 3.3-5V power supply via built-in low-noise LDO. Breaks out all sensor pins and a 3.3V output (max 100mA) to hacker-friendly, labeled 2.54mm pin headers. SPI and power supply pins are broken out on one side for easy cable management.

The board has ∅3mm mounting holes located diagonally at a 25mm diameter, for easy mounting directly on common brushless motor stators.

R2 of the breakout board improves decoupling to the MA330 IC and adds pin labels on both sides.

Monolithic Power Systems provides a comprehensive Arduino library for use with MA330 and other sensors, which is compatible with this breakout.

In the box

  • 1x MA330 Breakout
  • 1x 5mm DIA X 2.5mm H (0.236"DIA X 0.098"H) cylindrical, diametrically magnetized magnet.
  • 2x 6-pin 2.54mm (0.1") solderable male headers


Arduino Library

Arduino + PlatformIO example (ready to run, provides readings on serial monitor)

Board schematic and drawing

Sensor datasheet

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