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Dianomē R2 PDB

Dianomē R2 PDB

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Dianomē R2 provides power distribution, protection and 5V/3A power supply with USB Type-C, in a compact layout.

Thanks to inrush current limiting, it can safely drive large capacitance loads (in the range of several millifarads). It also features short protection and high-side MOSFET switching for increased safety.

Thanks to a powerful and efficient 5V/3A buck converter and USB Type-C output, you can power your Raspberry Pi 4 directly!

Provided onboard are a header for an On/Off switch for the load, a pin header for secondary 5V output, and three LED indicators, one for normal operation, one for the 5V power supply and one indicating fault.

Dianomē is certified open hardware


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  • Specs

    7.4V to 56V input voltage

    Heavy-duty power input screw terminals by Würth Elektronik

    6x power output terminals, footprint compatible with XT-30 connectors

    Up to 40A continuous current

    Up to 80A instantaneous current

    Easily power your Raspberry PI 4! 3A continuous 5V power supply, via onboard USB Type-C and pin headers. 

    1.5mΩ N-channel MOSFET for extremely low losses

    • Designed and Manufactured in EU

  • In the Box

    - Dianomē R2 PDB

    - 2-pin header

    - Jumper with grip