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CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

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CANine is a USB to CAN Bus adapter that is ideal for compact enclosures, due to its small size. The latest v1.4 features JST-GH and 2.54mm Screw Terminal, or DF-13 (depending on variant) and 2.54mm header interfaces for increased flexibility in connectivity, a USB Type-C connector for increased robustness, and DIP switches for CAN termination resistor and boot mode selection. In addition, CANine v1.4 features mounting tabs for compact enclosure mounting (STEP file available soon).

In the box:

- CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter v1.4

- JST-GH 1.25mm 4-pin cable, 200mm

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  • Supports CAN2.0A and B, up to 1Mbps. Offers 4pin JST-GH, 2-pin screw terminal and 3-pin 2.54mm header connectivity

  • Fully Open Source Hardware, designed and manufactured in the EU. CANine is an evolution of the Canable adapter.

  • Comes pre-flashed with the slcan firmware, a popular and well-supported firmware, but it also supports the alternative candlelight firmware

  • Control multiple Tinymovr boards and other CAN devices with only a single CANine adapter.

At a Glance

STM32F042 Microcontroller

4-pin JST-GH socket and 2-pin screw header

JST-GH Socket is pin-compatible with the UAVCAN cable spec (JST-GH)

USB Type-C for PC / Mac / SBC connectivity

Compatible with Tinymovr R5.x and Tinymovr M5.x

• Designed and Manufactured in EU