Introducing Tinymovr R5

We're proud to introduce the latest release of Tinymovr: Tinymovr R5!

This revision offers a series of improvements in voltage range, connectivity and form factor!

  • The input voltage range has been boosted to 12-38V (from 12-26V).
  • The connectivity has been improved with 2x CAN, UART, SPI (configurable master/slave) and a generic AUX connector, which can accept 3-phase Hall sensors for driving hoverboard-style motors. Some of the new connectivity options are already available in firmware, and some will be made available with future updates.
  • Despite the above improvements, we managed to shrink the form factor to 36x40mm (down from 40x40mm of the R3), with a sensible component placement and similar power capabilities!

This revision changes the connector type to 4-pin JST-GH (from 4-pin Hirose DF-13). The JST-GH connector offers increased reliability due to a retaining flap, and lower insertion force. All connectors are of the same type, so you can experiment with just a single JST-GH cable. The generic AUX connector uses prototyping-friendly 2.54mm headers.

In addition, the new design has been "shortage-hardened"; recognizing the ongoing shortage in semiconductor suppy, R5 has been designed as much as possible around popular integrated circuit footprints, to enable easier sourcing of alternative components, if need be.

We will be updating documentation to reflect new Tinymovr R5 features in the upcoming days, so stay tuned!

Go ahead and check out Tinymovr R5 in the store!
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