Oleksandr Stepanenko's Precision Robotics

As roboticists, one of the most interesting and active channels that we follow on Youtube is that of Oleksandr Stepanenko, where he showcases his designs in the field of precision robotics.

Oleksandr - a PhD in Robotics, designs and builds some of the most well engineered machines, and publishes videos of the results on Youtube. He has published designs of serial and parallel manipulators, as well as individual actuators. Below a sample of Oleksandr's earlier videos:

One project where Tinymovr has found application is Oleksandr's latest robot manipulator. In the relevant video series, he demonstrates a serial robot which he builds from the ground up using modular actuators. The actuators use brushless motors, Tinymovr R3 motor controllers, and strain-wave reducers. So far, his videos demonstrate individual actuators working in sync, and a 3-DoF serial manipulator. Below a few videos demonstrating the modular actuator, and the serial manipulator:

As can be seen, the robots are compact, precise, back-drivable, and beautiful to look at!

Oleksandr also maintains an Instagram account and a Grabcad account, where he shares CAD files of his designs.

Our latest Tinymovr R5 is a complete redesign of the previous R3 generation, with more compact layout, wider input voltage range and improved connectivity. It allows for the building of even more compact actuators, as can be seen by our latest Tinymovr Servo Kit.

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A big thanks to Oleksandr for permitting the use of the video snaphots and links for this blog post.

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