Unveiling the Tinymovr ROS Hardware Interface

We are excited to introduce the Tinymovr ROS Hardware Interface, a ROS package designed to bridge the Tinymovr motor controllers with ROS-based robotic systems seamlessly. This interface facilitates real-time monitoring and control of joint states through a standardized and flexible hardware interface, enhancing the interaction between Tinymovr devices and your robots.

Key Features:

  • Real-time reading of joint positions, velocities, and efforts.
  • Sending joint command setpoints with ease.
  • Robust error handling and exception management.
  • Compatibility with standard ROS controllers, ensuring a plug-and-play experience.


  • ROS (Tested with ROS Noetic)
  • SocketCAN tools and utilities
  • Tinymovr devices with firmware 1.6.x
  • Proper setup and calibration of devices

Installation is straightforward: clone the repository, build your catkin workspace, and source the workspace. A detailed guide, alongside a demonstration using a Diffbot demo, is available in the repository to help you get started.

Furthermore, the repository offers configuration options for customizing behavior and an API documentation for advanced use cases. Community contributions to enhance the functionality are encouraged, marking a step towards collaborative development.

We invite you to explore the Tinymovr ROS Hardware Interface repository. Your feedback and contributions continue to drive our commitment to enhancing your experience and advancing motor control in ROS-based robotic systems.

EU Tax Exemption Update

For our business clients in the European Union, we have streamlined the purchasing process. If you operate an EU-based business, your orders can now be tax-exempt. During checkout, a facility to validate your tax ID is available, simplifying the process and providing clarity on costs right from the outset. Your tax exempt total will be calculated after specifying your tax ID and address information.

We look forward to seeing the innovative applications the new ROS Hardware Interface will empower and are always here to support you on your journey towards building more dynamic and capable robotic systems.


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