Tinymovr Dev Kit
Tinymovr Dev Kit

Tinymovr Dev Kit

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Tinymovr Dev Kits are ideal to get you started fast on brushless motor control for robotics. Dev kits include Tinymovr, a high quality 5005 motor from MAD Components and a 6mm diametrically magnetized magnet already securely mounted on the shaft.

All of the above are integrated in a compact aluminum mount that can be secured via adhesive for quick prototyping, or integrated in your robot. The aluminum mount is designed to contact both stator and controller MOSFETs, enhancing heat dissipation.

In the box

  • Tinymovr R3.3 Motor Controller
  • MAD 5005 Motor
  • Aluminum mount and 3D printed stand
  • 2x DF-13 signal wires
  • XT-30 power cable with bare leads
  • (optional) CANine USB Type-C to CAN Bus Adapter



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Standalone Tinymovr controllers are also available