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CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

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New units expected mid-August

CANine is a USB to CAN Bus adapter that is ideal for compact enclosures, due to its small size. It features JST-GH and 5.08mm Screw Terminal, or DF-13 (depending on variant) and 2.54mm header interfaces for increased flexibility in connectivity, a USB Type-C connector for increased robustness, and DIP switches for CAN termination resistor and boot mode selection. 

CANine is fully Open Source Hardware.

CANine comes pre-flashed with the slcan firmware, a popular and well-supported firmware, but it also supports the alternative candlelight firmware. 

Note: You can control multiple Tinymovr boards and other CAN devices with only a single CANine adapter.

In the box

JST-GH Variant (R5 Compatible):

  • CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter v1.3
  • JST-GH 1.25mm 4-pin cable, 200mm
  • Header is pin-compatible with UAVCAN cable (JST-GH)

DF-13 Variant (R3.x Compatible):

  • CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter v1.2
  • DF-13 4-pin cable, 200mm


Board schematics and layout

Slcan Firmware

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