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CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter

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A CANable-compatible USB Type-C to CAN Bus adapter, with a dual DF-13 and 2.54mm header interface for increased flexibility and ease of connection with Tinymovr boards.

It features a sturdier USB Type-C connector and dip switches for setting termination and boot mode. The adapter is Open Source.

The adapter comes pre-flashed with the slcan firmware, but you can flash the alternative candlelight firmware. The easiest way to flash is to visit the Canable updater utility using Chrome.

Note that you can control multiple Tinymovr boards and other CAN devices with only a single CANine adapter.

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  • CANine USBC↔︎CAN Adapter


Board schematics and layout