Tinymovr Motor Controller
Tinymovr Motor Controller
Tinymovr Motor Controller
Tinymovr Motor Controller

Tinymovr Motor Controller

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Tinymovr is an affordable motor controller for precise control of 3-phase brushless motors. Tinymovr is highly integrated incorporating an advanced MCU with integrated gate drivers (Qorvo PAC5527), compact power stage (FDMD8530), integrated magnetic angle sensor (MPS MA702), and CAN and UART connectivity. It can operate in Torque, Velocity or Position modes, using Field Oriented Control (FOC). It can be integrated at the back of the brushless motor for a compact setup. 

Features at a glance

Cortex M4 Microcontroller

Tinymovr is equipped with a Cortex M4F microcontroller with floating point unit, 128kB Flash and integrated gate drivers, power management and current sensing.

Open Source Firmware

Both the firmware that runs on the boards, as well as client libraries and apps are and will remain open source under the GNU GPL v3. 

Compact Footprint

The board measures 40x40mm, a footprint compact enough to hide behind a 5010 or larger brushless motor. Reasonable component placement leaves ample room for encoder magnet and wiring.

Specs (R3.3)

  • Input Voltage: 12-26V
  • Max Continuous Phase Current (depending on cooling): 30A 
  • CAN Bus and UART communication interfaces (DF-13 plugs)
  • 2x CAN Bus plugs
  • SWD connector for debugging (DF-13 plug)
  • XT30UPB power connector
  • Configurable (via DIP switch) 120Ω CAN termination resistance
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm

All controllers come with a 6mm DIA X 2.5mm H (0.236"DIA X 0.098"H) cylindrical, diametrically magnetized magnet.


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3D Model of Tinymovr (STEP)