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Tinymovr Servo Kit R2

Tinymovr Servo Kit R2

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New Servo Kit R5 ETA: April 20

Tinymovr Servo Kits are ideal to get you started fast on brushless servomotor control! Servo kits include a Tinymovr R3.4 controller, a high-quality 5005 size motor from MAD Components, and a 6mm diametrically magnetized magnet securely mounted on the shaft. The mount is made of precision CNC machined 6061 aluminum designed to be in contact with both stator and power MOSFETs, enhancing heat dissipation. Using the mount, you can fully integrate the servo kit with your project. Or, you can use the kit standalone, using the provided 3D printed stand. Servo kits come pre-calibrated and ready to use.

We suggest the CANine CAN Bus to USB Type C Adapter together with the Tinymovr Servo Kit.

For quotes > 10pcs please contact us

In the box

  • Tinymovr Servo Kit R2, comprising:
    • Tinymovr R3.4 Motor Controller
    • MAD 5005 Motor 280Kv (specs)
    • Diam. magn. magnet (datasheet)
    • CNC 6061 aluminum mount and 3D printed stand
    • All pre-assembled and pre-calibrated
  • 2x DF-13 signal wires
  • XT-30 power cable with bare leads

Note: Due to changes in component availability, product may contain minor differences from the images.



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Technical Drawings

3D Models (STEP and STL)


Standalone Tinymovr controllers are also available

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