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MA702 Magnetic Angle Sensor Breakout R2

MA702 Magnetic Angle Sensor Breakout R2

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Breakout board for the MA702 magnetic absolute angle sensor. A magnetic angle sensor senses the angle of the IC in relation to a diametrically magnetized magnet (included). Useful wherever contactless, accurate, and reliable angle measurements are desired. Application examples: Rotary knobs, BLDC/PMSM motors etc.

Supports 3.3-5V power supply via built-in low-noise LDO. Breaks out all sensor pins and a 3.3V output (max 100mA) to hacker-friendly, labeled 2.54mm pin headers. SPI and power supply pins are broken out on one side for easy cable management.

The board has¬†‚ąÖ3mm mounting holes located diagonally at a 25mm diameter, for easy mounting directly on common¬†brushless motor stators.

R2 of the breakout board improves decoupling to the MA702 IC and adds pin labels on both sides.

Monolithic Power Systems provides a comprehensive Arduino library for use with MA702 and other sensors, which is compatible with this breakout.

In the box

  • 1x MA702 Breakout
  • 1x 5mm DIA X 2.5mm H (0.236"DIA X 0.098"H) cylindrical, diametrically magnetized magnet.
  • 2x 6-pin 2.54mm (0.1") solderable male headers


Arduino Library

Arduino + PlatformIO example (ready to run, provides readings on serial monitor)

Board schematic and drawing

Sensor datasheet

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