Choosing Your Perfect Match: Tinymovr R5.2 vs Tinymovr M5.1

Our main product line comprises two high performance servo motor controllers: the Tinymovr R5.2 and the Tinymovr M5.1. While both share our core philosophy of seamless integration and advanced motion control, they cater to different applications and motor types. Let's explore each one in detail to help you find your perfect match.

Tinymovr R5.2

The Tinymovr R5.2 is our powerful servo motor controller designed to drive high-current outrunner brushless motors with a maximum current of up to 40A. It incorporates a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller, power electronics, a magnetic angle sensor, and offers CAN, UART, SPI, external encoder and Hall sensor connectivity. With its compact size of 40x38mm, it integrates seamlessly at the back of the brushless motor. This makes the R5.2 an ideal choice for  larger diameter motors of around 60mm and higher, where the controller can be completely included in the motor footprint.

Our Servo kit R5.2 realizes this form factor precisely, matching the Tinymovr R5.2 with a powerful and lightweight brushless motor, and a lightweight aluminum bracket.

Tinymovr M5.1

On the other hand, the Tinymovr M5.1 is the latest addition to our lineup. It is a  versatile and compact motor controller, perfect for driving gimbal motors and light robot joint motors. Similarly to the R series the M5.1 features a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller and an absolute magnetic encoder, and is rated for 5A continuous. Its highly integrated design and a mere 29.5 x 29.5mm size make it easy for motor integration, making it perfect for applications requiring light yet accurate motion control. 

Tinymovr M5.2 is compact enough to fit behind a 40mm motor footprint, enabling next-level compact applications in robotics. 

Comparison Table

Below you can find a summary of the key characteristics of each motor controller.

Features Tinymovr R5.2 Tinymovr M5.1
Footprint 40x38mm 29.5x29.5mm
Height 14.60mm 6.9mm
Weight 20g 8g
Input Voltage 12-38V 12-38V
Max Current 40A continuous / 80A burst 5A continuous / 8A burst
Max Power 500W 100W
Motor Type High-current Brushless Brushless Gimbal
Extra Ports 4x 1x
External Sensor Support Hall, Incremental, SPI SPI
Connectivity CAN 1Mbps, UART CAN 1Mbps, UART



Both the Tinymovr R5.2 and M5.1 are innovative solutions designed with specific applications in mind. The R5.2's high current capabilities make it suitable for demanding robotics applications, while the M5.1's compact size and lower current draw make it perfect for lighter tasks where tight integration is of paramount importance.

We hope this comparison aids you in choosing the right motor controller for your needs. As always, feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or have questions!

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